...all the way!

Jack & Christina

“We were put in contact with David through a friend after we decided we would love a vintage VW for our wedding. We decided to use both his VW Beetle and van which are both absolutely beautiful! David was so friendly and professional throughout.

Leading up to the wedding, David took the time to meet us in person, talk through the day and ensure he knew the route perfectly. On the wedding day itself, David and his son were professional in every capacity and got me to the church on time! During the reception, David was happy for the guests to come to see and sit in the cars and enjoy them as much as we did. We have been thrilled with the service from David and could not recommend him enough! Thank you!”

Official wedding photographs by Livi Edwards

Jonathan & Kirsty

“David’s VW Campervan was the perfect wedding transport for our bridesmaids! They all loved it as it was so novel, and it added a lovely, whimsical touch of nostalgia to our wedding day. It looked great in all the photographs and I actually wished we’d captured even more pictures with it in! We had a festival style wedding and it complimented that theme perfectly and was a real talking point amongst our guests. David was so considerate and professional and really helped our day go smoothly! Thank you so much! Kirsty and Jonathan.”

Official wedding photographs by ThreeSixSevenNine Photography

Dominic & Sophie

“Having the VW camper at our wedding was a real highlight for us. It looks and sounds spectacular, works amazingly for the couple or bridesmaids/groomsmen and has such appeal as a point of interest and fun for the guests who loved getting their photos taken in it! The only downside is trying to convince guests to get out of it and take their seats at the table! My mum nearly missed the first dance!”

Official wedding photographs by Emma Kenny Photography

Cameron & Nicola

“David’s cars made our day even more special. We loved riding in the back of the Beetle and the Campervan was perfect for the bridesmaids. We now have memories that will last a lifetime.”

Official wedding photographs by Jim Keelan