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Privacy Policy

  1. VWsmiles is GDPR compliant meaning that data is only stored for the purposes of your booking
  2. The padlock symbol on the website url provides reassurance that the website is secure meaning that your personal information is protected
  3. Data, for example in connection with payment, may be held for accounting purposes for a maximum of seven years
  4. You can ask for a copy of the personal information held by VWsmiles at any time
  5. You can ask VWsmiles to update any personal information at any time
  6. If you need your personal data deleted then please submit your request by email: david@vwsmiles.co.uk and you will receive a confirmation this has been done
  7. Like most people, VWsmiles can’t abide junk mail, spam, cold calls, telesales or fraudsters – so will never, ever share your personal information with anyone else